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About us


Our history started in 2015, when I met Christer Farstad, a really enthusiastic ex-karateka, who seriously considered to start training again. We were really lucky straight from the beginning as we found Ippon Judo Club in Bekkestua, so the first introduction training could start on the 20th of August, 2015 in their Dojo at Nadderudhallen. 

We started the first Mini group in September, 2015 - that became very popular, so by the end of the year, the small dojo looked somewhat like this:

12-14th February, 2016 we had our first Gasshuku, a training camp together with Oslo Budokwai, Stange Karateklubb and Sandefjord Karateklubb. Our members took their first exam in front of Sensei José dos Santos, the headcoach of the JKA Norway National Team.

By the Summer we grew over 50 members, it was time to look for alternative training places. We've found the clubhouse of IL Tyrving at Kadettangen, Sandvika, that looked ideal for a new, main dojo, so we started training there on the 15th of August, 2016. We kept Nadderudhallen also, Sensei Ulf Laurang helped out with the Mini and Junior groups there.

By the Spring of 2017 we grew over a 100 members. Training in 2 dojos, having some talented, young competitors but more importantly: a disciplined club with enthusiastic students.

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